Equipment, Supplies & Services

ARC has a well-stocked and well-maintained inventory of standard instrumentation that is used in the analysis of samples. Instrumentation used in the generation of data is generally dictated by the analyte to be tested and the recommendations of several standard-testing organizations such as AOAC, CIPAC, USP, USEPA, NIST, and ASTM are consulted. Where well-defined standard methods are not readily available, a literature search is implemented and methods are chosen based on the results of the search. The use of these "non-standard" methods is accompanied by validation of the method. The SOP's define choice of reagent and the standards used for those reagents as well as any associated equipment and chemicals. SOP's are available that define preventative maintenance schedules of all major laboratory equipment. Associated equipment, such as analytical balances, undergoes a rigorous calibration and maintenance schedule.